Toothbrush – bamboo (choose your colour)


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The Sutcliffe Toothbrush Company Bamboo Toothbrush, is Designed by a Dentist in the UK. We are so passionate about plastic alternatives and feel that we have bridged a gap in the market by introducing a stylish looking ‘Eco-Friendly’ toothbrush. We want to show people that ‘Eco-Friendly’ doesn’t have to mean ‘dull’ and ‘boring’ design! By choosing to buy one of our Toothbrushes, you are not only ensuring excellent dental hygiene, but you are helping to address ‘Plastic Pollution’. Our Toothbrushes are stylishly designed and packaged, so they compliment any bathroom Décor! With a high quality Beeswax finish, Toothbrushes remain smooth to the touch, use after use. All our packaging is recyclable, from the cardboard outer box, to the internal hygienic ‘Eco-Wrap’.

Supplier: Sutcliffe Toothbrush Co


Blue, Green, Pink