Bran flakes (per 100g)


100g of bran flakes

sold per 100g. This is a delicious cereal to start the day.

Supplier: Wigan Wholefoods

Ingredients: wholegrain WHEAT, WHEAT bran, sugar, BARLEY malt extract, salt, niacin, iron, pantothanic acid, thiamin, vitamins B6/D/B12, riboflavin, folic acid

Not suitable for wheat, barley, nut, milk, oat, spelt or rye allergies due to the methods used in the manufacturing process

Nutritional Info: per 100g: 339 kcal, fat 2g (of which 0.3g saturates), carbohydrates 62g (of which 13.4g sugars), fibre 15.6g, protein 13.5g, salt 1.5g

Weight .1 kg