Elderflower, Rhubarb & Grapefruit Cordial


This fruity, floral cordial, is a concoction of fresh elderflower, apple, rhubarb & grapefruit juice. Add a dash for a perfectly balanced thirst quencher or cocktail mixer.

Chefs note: acidified with natural fruits juice instead of citric acid our cordial is great for white spirit cocktails and mocktails. Add the flavour of elderflower to sorbets, cakes or ice-creams.

Cocktail: 1 pt Cordial, 1pt Any White Spirit (recommend rum), 2.5pt Soda water (or sparkling water), slice of lemon. Tweak to your taste. Now your chillin’.


sugar, apple, elderflower, rhubarb, grapefruit, lemon, potassium sorbate.

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