Emmer casarecce wholegrain organic – UK grown (per 100g)


Wholegrain, organic pasta made from UK-grown emmer flour.

These wholegrain pasta carry the subtle hazelnut, toasted walnut, leather and dark chocolate flavours of emmergrain.

Ingredients: Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Emmer (WHEAT).
Contains GLUTEN, not suitable for coeliacs.

Cook for 9 minutes, al dente.

Made by Pastificio Carleschi. The first British Artisan Organic dry pasta producer in the UK. Since then we have released 9 great products and have more in the works which is really exciting! We currently use British Spelt, Emmer and Einkorn stoneground flour as well as fava beans sourced from some of the most regenerative-minded farmers and millers in the UK.


Emmer (gluten) Flour

Supplier: Hodmedods

Origin: UK



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