Golden linseed (per 100g)


Golden linseed (per 100g)

Golden linseed (per 100g) Sprinkled onto muesli or baked into bread, linseed is a versatile snack. A tablespoon of linseeds contains 3g of dietary fibre, 20-40% of which is soluble, the rest of which is insoluble. Linseeds are an excellent source of protein too.

Whizzed into a smoothie, they add a nutty flavour and extra goodness, while baked into a cake, they can add crunch and help create a wholesome treat. Linseeds, ready-milled or whizzed at home, can also act as a binder. Simply add 2 tablespoons of water and leave to absorb. The resulting texture is a good egg substitute, helping to bind ingredients in cakes, stuffing or even burgers.

Supplier: Wigan Wholefoods

Ingredients: Golden Linseeds

Origin: Belgium

Weight .1 kg